Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ben is Dead

Wow. I know Miguel Tejada isn't the elite superstar shortstop that he was three years ago, but was this really the best they could get for him? Of the two position players acquired, only the 29-year-old rookie has Major League experience and he sucks. Of the pitchers sent to the Orioles, only this douchebag has more than 17 career innings pitched. Dennis Sarfate gets some points for being from Queens and having a face made of meat, but alas, he's still terrible. Speaking of faces, young Troy Patton doesn't seem to have one. Although judging from the buffet of shit presented to the O's, he seems to have the most promising future. The 22-year-old's best start came September 1st against the Cubs in which he lasted six innings, struck out three, and gave up three runs (all earned) in a 4-3 loss. He gave up five earned runs over 12.2 innings for the entirety of his Major League season.

If Patton can blossom into a top-five rotation man, then this deal might not be the worst of all time. But the other four are clearly wire waivers included for salary purposes only, unless this catching prospect turns out to be a success. Although if the Astros included him in this trade well aware that Brad Ausmus was 67 years old, I don't think they would have let him slip away.

My condolences, Benjamin.

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