Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily SAll-Star: Rick Rossovich! YES!

Today's SAll-Star might be a little too awesome for this list. Haven't heard of Rick Rossovich? You're not alone. But haven't seen Rick Rossovich? Unlikely. This dude has stealthily made his way
into thirty films for the past twenty years, including some of the most ass-kicking adventures of all time. He played Charlie Sheen's partner in Navy SEALS, studly firefighter Chris McCornell in Roxanne, Slider in Top Gun, and most importantly, Matt!

You remember Matt, don't you? From The Terminator? Oh, sure, he died. He got his ass absolutely handed to him while his bitch girlfriend was making a sandwich. But at no point was he frightened. He is the only character in the three Terminator films to threaten to bust Arnold up, man.

In a stunning display of unstoppable badassery, The Rickmobile also has the good fortune of Italian and Croatian heritage. You don't even have to ask Ben why this matters to me. Perché sapete che un uomo italiano e croaziano è un uomo come io.

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