Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daily SAll-Star

today's all-star is tim tebow, "qb", florida gators

tebow became the first underclassman to win the coveted heisman trophy and congratulations are in order for him...he put together a stellar season with 29 passing tds and 22 rushing tds leading the gators to a very respectable 9-3 record and a #9 ranking in the AP poll...while i think the award should have gone to the incredible darren mcfadden of arkansas, tebow certainly played well enough to garner much of the praise he is receiving

but the real reason that tebow is our all-star is that tim tebow should not be good...he's not particularly big or strong...he's not that great a quarterback in a classic sense of a dropback passer...but he's not really fast or shifty enough to be considered a true scrambler like west virginia's pat white...tebow just gets the ball and makes it work somehow...this works in college, but will not succeed at the pro level, simply because everyone there is too good of an athlete to be caught out of position on the plays tebow makes to be successful

however that is not to say that tebow has no pro career ahead of fact, i'm very excited for the impending draft day where tebow is selected in the 6th round as an h-back/full back type of player...he's big and smart enough to be a decent backfield blocker...he's fast and strong enough to be a good short yardage runner...he's shifty enough to be able to catch swing passes and make a guy or two miss for good the trick play possibilities are endless with him

and so that is why tebow is our all-star for today

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