Thursday, December 13, 2007

Daily SAll-Star

In honor of my recently (as of about an hour ago) finished philosophy exam, our all-star today is Rene Descartes, French philosopher and mathematician. Dubbed, by some, as fathering not only modern philosophy but also modern mathematics, Descartes was the metaphorical Travis Henry of his day. He was also a literal, albeit milder, version of Sir Henry, as he fathered a bastard child with a young servant girl. With such great ideas as cogito, egro sum and the Cartesian coordinate system, Descartes took intellectualism to then next level...making it cool to be a 17th century Frenchman with a Ultimate Warrior haircut (no word yet on if he wore the face paint but i like to think he did).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I just got kicked out of a study session because I laughed out loud at the picture.

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