Saturday, December 15, 2007

Daily SAll-Star

Today's star? Lemmy, the song writer, lead singer, and bassist for legendary metal band Motorhead.

Why? Lemmy is a rock star...he's a severe alcoholic, he smokes 80 packs a day, he has reportedly bedded over 5000 women, is a noted acid-user, and is British. Known for his gravelly voice, hideous facial moles, and distinctive mutton-chops/handlebar mustache combo, Lemmy is an undeniable rock legend; the kind of guy who'd play a killer show, get hammered, snort some coke and have a 3-way with some groupies. Sidebar: he also deserves props for creating two of the best theme songs in wrestling history (the game for triple h and a line in the sand for evolution).

So, Lemmy, we salute you, because you, like Keith Richards before you, have lived life to the fullest...despite all odds.

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Anonymous said...

that is one handsome gentleman