Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free Shoes University, a sorry excuse for a program

This is why Bobby Bowden, despite being the all-time leader in wins, is not a great coach. A good college coach is one who will not only lead his team on the field but off it as well. Bobby Bowden has, time and again, failed to do so with the Seminoles. These transgressions wouldn't be as large an issue if the team were actually relevant...but Bowden's teams have not been dominant since the late 90s and have been the beneficiaries of weak ACC play (University of Maryland included).

I hope that a severe thumping in their bowl game vs. Kentucky, lead by the impressive Andre Woodson, will force FSU to shape up...but that is unlikely. Unfortunately there is only one possible to force Bowden and Florida State to change, and that is fine and sanction them (taking away scholarships 'n such).

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