Thursday, December 13, 2007

mitchell report: the culmination of a witch hunt

So the Mitchell Report was released today. It included some surprising names (Brian Roberts), some not so surprising names (Barry Bonds), some humorous names (Maurice Vaughn), and some El Guapo names (Rich Garces)...

I have a few thoughts:

1) While I do not approve of steroid use, I feel like this was a ridiculous endeavor in that Congress should never have gotten involved in. Doesn't our federal government have more important things to worry about than baseball? I always thought things like war, healthcare, and social security were more important than a game.

2) This list of players, while expansive, tells me one thing: steroids make you stronger and heal faster...they can't help you hit a curveball or have a backdoor slider hit its spot. More than half the players on the list were, at one point or another in their careers (often for their entire career) straight up terrible. Manny Alexander? Wilson Delgado? Felix Heredia, Jr.? Ismael Valdez? Yes, those are the superstars of the game who cheated and should be banished...steroids help your margin of error; they don't give you skill...hell otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, I'd be shooting up and playing leftfield for the Pirates (not sure why I put myself on the worst team in the majors...)

3) This report was flawed. ESPN's Howard Bryant can do a better job of articulating than I can.

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Harry said...

congress is involved because of the antitrust exemption for the mlb