Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shaquille O'Neal's Top 5 movies of all time

Yes, yes. I realize that this should be its own book, but I'll attempt to narrow it down here.

Without further ado...

5) Freddy Got Fingered- Never actually seen it. Not sure how well known a fact this was: but Shaq, unfortunately, has not been in that many movie. However, I have heard of this movie so it's the de facto #5. Congrats, Tom Green. You slide by. Again.

4) Scary Movie 4- This was actually an ok movie. Stupid humor 'n such. Unfortunately Shaq only had about 5 minutes of screen time and he shared it with Dr. Phil, but it was golden while it lasted.

3) Kazaam- Shaq plays a rapping genie. Quite frankly, I shouldn't have to say any more. Well I will. Yes it is currently rated as #45 on the bottom 100 films of all time, but don't let that fool you, it is a non-stop cavalcade of laughs. In fact, there is one moment in the film where Kazaam (Shaq's genie case that was unclear) is arguing with a compatriot, and so Shaq becomes fed up with said friend, balls him up like a basketball (for a few reasons such as playing basketball is his primary skill when not acting and he's a genie so he can do so without actually damaging the integrity of his friend's bone structure), and dunks him into an air duct! Ha! Hilarious!

2) Steel- A comic book adaptation, Steel follows Shaq's character, a retired military weapons developer, who returns to his hometown and decides to fight crime with a big hammer and steel armor (hence the name of the movie, creative genius) that he fashions himself in Uncle Joe's (not so creative) junkyard. Heart-pounding, non-stop action.

1) Blue Chips- Shaq stars along with Nick Nolte and Penny Hardaway. Go watch it now!

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