Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweet Mother of God No

The rational part of me, the part that thought the University of Michigan was full of intelligent and rational people, is being beaten to death by a gigantic purple rubber penis because we actually have to take this man seriously.

The very best coach in the MAC, would still not be, in my opinion, nearly qualified enough to have his name mentioned as a candidate for the Michigan head coaching job. I wouldn't even give the Michigan basketball team to a MAC coach.

It's not even annoying or frustrating. It's terrifying. It frightens the shit out of my beloved sweatpants to think that Mike DeBord and Brady Hoke are SERIOUS CONTENDERS to coach MY football team.

It would be like following a 2008 Presidential race between Al Gore and Arnold Schwarzenegger only to find that the supposedly rational citizens of the United States had instead elected Carrot Top.

This is the glaring fact of the situation, not just my opinion: Brady Hoke is fourteen games under .500 at a MAC school and our university has him on a list of men whom they believe can beat Jim Tressel. No. Fuck no.

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