Sunday, December 16, 2007

What the Future May Hold

I'm cautiously excited about this hire. Cautious because our personnel does not match Rodriguez's offense, but excited because of the legend-in-the-making that may follow Rich to Ann Arbor.

Terrelle Pryor is the runaway top recruit in the nation. Some say he is the most promising high school athlete in ten years. As of yesterday, his list of schools included Ohio State, widely considered his preferred program, and West Virginia, which operated his preferred offense. Now that Rodriguez is headed north, so too might Pryor.

I am pooping my pants with excitement over this development. Obviously, Ryan Mallett is totally incapable of running Rodriguez's offense, which Rich promised to Pryor would not change at his new post. The spread option is coming to Michigan Stadium, folks, and we need someone to command it.

But what this news tells me is that Rodriguez wants a championship at Michigan and he wants it yesterday. Pryor would be the best thing to happen to Michigan football since Tom Harmon. And the fact that Rodriguez called him first about his new job shows me a spectacular devotion to winning. I can't even express how impressed I am by that call. Even if Pryor doesn't join the Maize and Blue, we can look at Rich Rodriguez and say that he started working for Michigan five minutes after he got the job. He basically told Pryor: If you come with me to Michigan, I will give you the opportunity to redefine the most storied program in college football history. I want you to reinvent Michigan football.

Who couldn't pass that up?

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