Thursday, January 24, 2008

BOOM! Score one for Red Beard!

This could be a daily sall-star entry, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this news: Ethan Albright is going to the Pro Bowl.

Albright is the Washington Redskins' long-snapper and arguably the best in the league at his job. Consistently unnoticed, Albright has been a consistent performer for the Skins when many others have not. To finally be rewarded for his hard work is not only a victory for Albright, but the proverbial "everyman" that Albright represents: the classy but not flashy person who simply does his job every single time to the best of his ability without asking for much in return.

Those of you who aren't hardcore Redskins' fans (like I am) may know Albright from one of two sources: the obscenely popular Madden videogame series and this article, one of the funniest pieces ever written by anyone ever.

Congratulations, Ethan Albright. You deserve your Pro Bowl berth as much as anyone.

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