Thursday, January 17, 2008


This won't be too long or insightful since

1) Dozens of other sites have done a great job explaining the situation and
2) The six people that read this probably don't give a shit.

Anyway: It seems overwhelmingly clear today that Rich Rodriguez will soon be exonerated (finally) for the absurd and truly shitheaded charges brought against him. If you hadn't heard, West Virginia University leaked an anonymous source to the Charleston Gazette, saying that Rodriguez (who left WVU's football program to lead Michigan's) had shredded every piece of vital information that the university possessed. Stupid, right? But it had legs...for about 12 hours.

WVU has since admitted that they've "begun to locate" the missing files--oops! They weren't really in his office after all!

The only remaining accusation that could not be immediately dismissed with a hearty scoff was that West Virginia charged that Rodriguez had contacted Michigan recruits to let them know that he was accepting the job in Ann Arbor. West Virginia claimed that this was a recruiting violation because it took place during what is known as a "dead period." Fortunately, they were stupid enough to provide dates and receiving phone numbers of these calls, and as it turns out, it wasn't a dead period after all. So, in effect, what happened was Rich Rodriguez, the new head coach of Michigan, called three young men who were being actively recruited by the University of Michigan, where HE NOW WORKS, under the rules and regulations explicitly set down by the NCAA, and told them he was coming to Ann Arbor, and West Virginia didn't like that, so they made some shit up. That's the story in a nutshell.

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