Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Daily All-Star

This is actually a joint Daily All-Star, which is against the rules, I know, but it is worth it.

Today's All-Star(s) are Dan Stock and Bob Truax, the creators of the early-90's phenomenon known as Zubaz (though apparently they are still making Zubaz...which, quite frankly, in any setting other than 1986-1993 look absurd to the max).

Zubaz have been worn by both muscle-laden body builders, such as the WWF's Road Warriors (see side image), and formless slobs who enjoy football, beer, and arm-pit hair, such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Carl Brutananadilewski (see below).

So we salute you, Dan and Bob, for creating an absolutely hideous trend and selling an absurd amount of these terrible pants...because there is nothing more American than making people buy crap that nobody should want for outrageous prices.

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