Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily SAll-Star! Kenny Blankenship!

I don't know what the present status of the super-awesome programme MXC is (no new episodes since February, but no official cancellation), but when you consider the fact that it is simply a redubbing of a Japanese game show that's already twenty years old, "new" episodes don't really mean that much.

The fun-loving half of MXC's hosting duo is Kenny Blankenship, who spends most of the show thinking about pizza, chicks, and beer. He has a job because his uncle owns the network.

We've all heard the saying "Truth is stranger than fiction." In Kenny's case, impossible as it seems, this rings especially true.

Kenny Blankenship is actually a man named Hideo Higashikokubaru, a mid-80's Japanese comedian who was elected governor of the Miyazaki Prefecture in January last year after his predecessor admitted to illegally supplying no-bid contracts to various laborers in his jurisdiction. Basically picture Gallagher winning a recall election for governor of Iowa.

Higashikokubaru/Blankenship appeared in three movies before calling it quits in comedy. Those films were Shôjo, Shishiohtachi no natsu, and of course, Getting Any?

Is there even a joke to make at this point? The only observation I can make is that this man is perfect for the career reincarnation he has received through MXC. I hope he gets some royalties.

And finally, Wikipedia felt it was important to let us know the vital statistics of this comedian/politician. Mr. H is a svelte 5-7 and 130 pounds, and he enjoys golf and marathon running. These are the things we need to know about our elected officials.

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Benjo, the one without pants said...

man i wish we had governors who had previously led awesome lives in the entertainment industry...