Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Noel Devine

Yo Baby Daddy filled in admirably for a gimpy Steve Slaton as the West Virginia Mountaineers overcame the turmoil of losing head coach Rich Rodriguez and dominated Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl earlier tonight, 48-28.

Devine replaced Slaton as the featured back of the night after the latter went down in the first quarter with a leg injury. In his stead, The PCP Smurf rushed for 105 yards and two TD's and fathered six children at halftime.

Devine's legacy as a Sal Fasano's All-Star began years before he committed to the University of Flaming Couches. His personal relationship with Neon Deion Sanders certainly did not hurt, but what truly catapulted him among legends like Shawn Kemp and Zubaz pants was the fact that he was a father of two before he even turned 17 years old. An impressive feat considering most sixteen-year-old girls do not find midgets attractive enough to sleep with them. Twice.

So here's to you, the Keebler Ghetto Elf. Stay in school and wear a condom and the world is yours.

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Anonymous said...

your a fuckin faggot.. he cant help that he is a fuckin star and girls wanna have his baby cuz hes gonna big bigger than you will EVER be.. so that sucks for u that all u can do is hate cuz u ain't nothin compared tohim