Sunday, January 20, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Spanish

Today's SAll-Star is The Totally Unremarkable Rick "Spanish" Gonzalez, who, sadly, is 30 years old. I hate to shatter the popular illusion that he "must be 18 years old and looking for his big break in show business." No. Rick has been chugging away as a stock Hispanic character for ten years on the big and small screen alike. He hit the scene back in 1998's TV movie Thicker Than Blood, in which he played the role of "Sanchez." In fact, let's pop over to IMDb to take a glance at the names of every character he's ever played.

Sanchez, Dexter, Ernesto, Eladio Casado, Gerardo, Ben, Phone Technician, Wilson DeLeon, Jr., Pat Smear, Hector Rivera, Chillaxin' Host, Stone, Andy Lopez, Marcus, Naps, Vincent, Timo Cruz, Vincent Young, Spanish, Primo, Tomas, Wyatt, Lucas, Rudy Bonilla, Jorge Escalona, Gang Banger, Juan Figgis, Hector, Gangbanger, Ricky, Ramone, Alfonso

I can't decide which one is my favorite: Gang Banger or Gangbanger. Two separate characters from completely unrelated films. "Chillaxin' Host" is a pretty bizarre way of being credited. And where the fuck did "Wyatt" come from? That is one of the five whitest names in circulation! (Madison, Heather, Casey, and Gavin are the other four.)

Enjoy these clips of Spanish Gonzalez at his finest moments of unimportance.

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