Friday, January 4, 2008

Daily SAll-Star

Today's All-Star is a man we, your humble authors, can aspire to be like: sportswriter Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock, who played high school football with Jeff George and later played offensive line at the esteemed Ball State, is currently writing for the Kansas City Star and (making him one of the 3 or so writers I can stand at that site). He used to appear as a radio personality, hosting his own show in the Kansas City area, and write for AOL Sports as well as's Page 2, the section of my most-frequented website dedicated to featured columnists.

So why is Whitlock our All-Star? First of all, he's a very good, if not great, writer. He thoroughly explains his points and backs them with facts while writing in a welcoming, relaxed tone often incorporating humor. But perhaps even more importantly, Jason Whitlock dislikes Scoop Jackson. Scoop Jackson is a terrible writer who, despite claiming to aid the plight of African Americans in search of true equality, is obscenely stereotypical and only makes things worse. Whitlock, in addition to lambasting other terrible sports "journalists" such Mike Lupica, ripped Jackson a new one and was fired from for it. But never fear, Whitlock has continued to write and continued to produce excellent work.

If you, the internet reader, only have time to read one column (although that is obviously not the case if you're here...we're probably the 83rd site you've visited today)...check out any of Whitlock's past columns. archive

Kansas City Star archive

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god lupica is such an asshole.