Thursday, January 17, 2008

daily sall-star

Corey Worthington.

Now if you're like me and enjoy keeping up on goofy pop-culture probably already know about Corey. But if you actually aren't a huge loser and therefore aren't like me, Corey Worthington is a 16 year old kid from Melbourne, Australia (land of sunshine, sharks and a koala named Bruce, left). Corey decided to have a party while his parents were out of town that ended up being a 500+ person event with over $20,000 worth of damage. Now this is quite something (impressive?) unto itself...but what really distinguishes Corey as an All-Star, nay, a superstar, is his interview with an Australia television journalist. My words cannot do it justice. Simply watch the video below.

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Anonymous said...


1. The fact that this is worthy of three minutes of coverage in what is probably a half-hour broadcast makes me want to move to Australia.

2. The final 30 seconds catapulted young Corey from "standard douchebag" to "transcendentally awesome." Unapologetic, piss-poor vocabulary, shirtless, remorseless, and no, he will not take off his glasses. They're famous.

3. Nipple ring.

4. Superb use of tags.