Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Don't Talk Shit About My Conference

The Buckeyes have achieved just enough the past two seasons to rise to a level where they're incompetent.

These are the words of one Pat Forde, a man whose opinions I greatly respect and one of the few writers at that display a modicum of common sense and decency in their writing. But Forde's vitriolic skewering of Ohio State is just plain unnecessary.

Shit, Pat, why don't you just tell them to join the Sun Belt? If back-to-back outright Big Ten championships and repeat appearances in the BCS National Championship games is incompetence, then put a beer cozy in my hand and call me Ernest.

Yes, Ohio State has looked overmatched, especially in the speed department, in its last two bowl games. Big deal. The disparity in talent and performance between the Big Ten and the SEC is not in their wide receivers and punt returners but in the trenches. The Big Ten continues to supplant their offensive and defensive lines with monstrous cattle-raised cheeseheads whereas defensive tackles with 4.8 speed like Glen Dorsey play in the south. That is the slightly less moronic argument you would make if you insisted on attacking the entire conference. But did you ever consider, Patricia, that Ohio State is 0-9 in their last nine matchups with the SEC dating back to 1978? Were you aware that Ohio State defeated nonconference power Texas in Austin two years ago? Perhaps you also read somewhere that the Big Ten is 14-12 against the SEC in bowl games since the inception of the BCS system in 1998, 14-9 if you disregard Ohio State's curiously terrible performances.

And most importantly to this Wolverine, The University of MicHugeBallshigan is 7-1 in its last eight bowl games against SEC opponents.

So, Pat, if you feel the need to let us all know that you think Ohio State sucks, feel free. Nobody at this website will stop you. But when you bring the Big Ten into the conversation like some sort of diseased stepchild, you best bring some statistics with you because I will throw down anytime, anywhere.

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