Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Good News

Michigan's best assistant coaches for the past three seasons have been QB's coach Scot Loeffler, RB's coach Fred Jackson, WR's coach Erik Soup Campbell, and DL coach Steve Stripling. Loeffler, unfortunately, is gone thanks to the arrival of Rod Smith, but the news out of West Virginia today is exceptional for Michigan football.

I'm happiest about the non-departure of WVU's wideout coach, Tony Dews. I'm sure he is a consummate professional, but Soup has produced some extraordinary receiving legacies during his career at Michigan, including David Terrell, Tai Streets, Mercury Hayes, Marcus Knight, The Unstoppable Ron Bellamy Marquise Walker, Jason Avant, Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, and of course, Braylon Edwards, whom Soup transformed from a skinny three-star from Bishop Gallagher into the second-most prolific touchdown receiver in the NFL. Soup is also directly responsible for the punt and kickoff return success of former Wolverines Steve Breaston and Charles Fucking Woodson, as he has been the return specialists coach since 1995.

This leaves the Michigan coaching staff in the current form of:

Head Coach- Rich Rodriguez (replaces Lloyd Carr)
Offensive Coordinator- Calvin Magee (replaces Mike DeBord)
Defensive Coordinator- ???* (replaces Ron English)
QB's Coach- Rod Smith (replaces Scot Loeffler)
RB's Coach- Fred Jackson (retained)
WR's Coach- Soup Campbell (retained)
OL Coach- Greg Frey (replaces Andy Moeller)
DL Coach-
Steve Stripling (retained)
LB's Coach- ???* (replaces Steve Szabo)
CB's Coach- Tony Gibson (replaces Ron English)
Safeties Coach- ???* (replaces Ron English)

*The vacant coaching positions will be ruminated upon in a forthcoming article. We know for a fact that West Virginia DC Jeff Casteel has elected to remain in Morgantown with new Mountaineers head coach Bill Stewart, so he is not a candidate for Michigan's defensive coordinator position.

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