Friday, January 18, 2008

West Virginia Has Officially Taken It in the Ass

Ordinarily when I come across a column penned by Stewart "The Clock" Mandel, I simply say "whatever" and continue on my merry way. Nothing he writes has ever been particularly hard-lined or vicious, and his opinions are straight down the middle.

But OH HO HO, as Strong Bad would say, something lit a fire under Stewie's ass today; a burning couch perhaps? Finally, a professional sports journalist has put every Michigan fan's thoughts to paper and dissected the vitriolic filth that has been pouring out of West Virginia like a choking, polluted smokestack for well over a week. He also slammed the entire school's administration while he was at it, just because he can. Thanks, Stew.

Shred this, motherfuckers

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