Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who's having the worst week ever?

Miguel Tejada.

Tejada was having a mixed offseason; some good (traded out of Baltimore to the worst division in baseball, where he should do well), some bad (mentioned in Mitchell Report), some ugly (has to play for the Houston Astros). But everything took a decided turn for the worse this week.

First off, Tejada is now up for investigation by ye olde Justice Department because he may have lied to a federal agent. Needless to say, very little good can come from this for Miguel. Being hunted down by the Waxman is no picnic. And lying about ever even hearing about steroids? Well Miggy, that's just retarded. The Orioles, somehow, are looking better for trading him.

To make matters worse for Miggy though, his brother, Freddy, died in a car accident. This is truly sad news and we here at Sal's send our best to the Tejada family.

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