Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today's Daily SAll-Star is the greatest athlete to ever walk the Earth: Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson.

It doesn't matter what the activity, if it required physical movement, Bo was great at it. Never before and never since has humanity seen such an absurd combination of speed, power, and grace.

Even his name was legendary. The nickname "Bo" is the short version of "Wild Boar", which his family called him as a child.

Bo was a multi-sport star: he was a fantastic college baseball player who batted .401 with 17 HRs in 1985; he was an Olympic class sprinter his sophomore and freshman years of college; he was one of the greatest college football players of all time, winning the the 1985 Heisman trophy; he was the first overall pick in the 1986 NFL Draft (although he decided to play baseball, initially); he was a Pro Bowler in 1990; he was a MLB All-Star in 1989.

But perhaps even more impressive was the legend of Bo. Fueled by the incredibly popular and successful Nike advertising campaign that simply stated "Bo Knows", Bo Jackson was the star of commercials, video games, TV Shows, and highlight reels everywhere.

Unfortunately, Bo injured his hip in early 1991 during a Raiders' playoff game. The injury ended his football career and he was never the same in baseball. But Bo left us with many marks of greatness and he is highly deserving of the Daily SAll-Star tag.

A great "Where are they now?" piece on Bo from ESPN.

The absolutely ridiculous "Trivia" section on Bo's Wikipedia page, that you would swear was completely made up.

I don't care if this is a video game. The fact that this is possible anywhere is a testament to Bo.

Bo Knows.

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