Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Danny Wuerffel


I didn't feel like starting today's SAll-Starticle (ooh!) with anything witty or even grammatically correct. So piss on those kumquats. Ha!

Anyway, Danny Wuerffel is a founding member of and first-ballot inductee into the College Busts Hall of Legends. After a spectacular career at the University of Florida, in which he broke (and still holds) every school passing record, won two Davey O'Brien awards for best quarterback in the nation, championed the SEC four (!) years in a row, and walked off into the Gainesville sunset with a consensus National Championship and the Heisman Trophy, Wuerffel promptly blew ass for the Saints, Packers, Bears, and finally, in his best Michael Jackson impersonation, the Deadskins. Fortunately, Wuerffel is a very nice guy and would probably donate all of his money to charity if he had any.

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