Sunday, February 3, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Vincent Cassel

Today's SAll-Star is French, but please don't hold it against him.

First arriving on the American film scene in Ocean's Twelve as an acrobatic and narcissistic jewel thief, Cassel scored an even bigger hit last September as a psychotic captain in the Russian mafia (or Вор в законе for you Ruskies) in David Cronenberg's excellent Eastern Promises.

Furthermore, Cassel was the lead ass-kicker in 2001's Le Pacte des Loups, easily, I mean absolutely uncontested, the most badass movie to ever come out of France.

After Le Pacte des Loups, Cassel made Irréversible, which was sort of like the French version of Memento with a lot more rape and cocaine.

Finally, Monsieur Cassel is married to the curvaceous Monica Belucci, who despite her unmistakably large breastises, is actual a very talented actress. So their daughter Deva should make a name for herself.

He is not related to Matt Cassel. Smart choice, Vincent.

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