Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Steve Kerr Might Be Retarded


Yeah, I know Shawn Marion has been bitching about a trade for the better part of five months now, but...Shaq? Is this really the best offer that Phoenix can field for one of the best man defenders in the NBA? You really want to trade a 29-year-old who averages 18, 10, 2, 1.88 steals and 1.34 blocks per game for his career for a washed-up, bloated, injured ex-superstar? You really think Shaq can operate in Phoenix's offense? You really want to fuck up the twilight years of the most dominant post player since Kareem?

Seriously. Imagining Shaq on the Suns is painful--think of Michael Jordan's Wizard years, except he shot 28% from the field. Think of Cal Ripken's 2001 season, except he tore his hip flexor in his final All-Star at-bat. Think of Julio Franco actually playing professional baseball like a standard fifty-year-old man. It's not pretty to think about. When I think of Shaq, even now, I think of The Big Aristotle, I think of Steel. I think of two broken backboards as a rookie in Orlando, I think of the three-peat, I think of him humiliating the Kings, and yes, I can dig it.

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