Saturday, March 8, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Immortal Technique

Today's All-Star is Immortal Technique. He is an extremely emotionally charged rapper, probably more so than any other, with highly political lyrics. His talent as a lyricist is nigh-unmatched. His song "Dance with the Devil" is a legitimately disturbing tale of gang violence and rape that is so powerful that it's difficult to describe. Like many of his songs, the most viewed video for "Dance with the Devil" features a slideshow of George W. Bush's inadequacies as President. His collaboration with Mos Def, "Bin Laden," is actually about Bush's inadequacies as President. Whether you agree with Immortal's messages, his rhyming talent is objectively undeniable and his rage is almost frightening to behold.

SERIOUSLY: I'm warning you about this's not easy to listen to. The first time I heard I questioned not only the necessity, but the moral turpitude of the lyrics. I don't care how many "violent" rap songs you have heard; this is worse. Listen at your own risk.

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