Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: The National League

So yeah...I completely failed on my gigantic NL Preview. I got all my AL teams done, but as you must understand, it is quite a time commitment to write that. My previews per team were longer than most websites' entire MLB preview. Alas, I came up short. I got bogged down in school work then was deathly sick over spring break. My bad.

Anyway, an abbreviated preview:

The NL is the much worse league. That being said, teams to watch include the Mets, Phillies, Cubs, Brewers, and pretty much the entire NL West other than the Giants. The Mets are a mix of young and old that if it can stay healthy (big if), the addition of Johan Santana makes them dangerous. The Phillies have a deep team that added a potential stud in Brad Lidge to the bullpen. The Cubs have outspent almost everyone, so they will definitely be in the mix especially with the acquisition of Kosuke Fukudome. The Brewers faded last year because they were young and streaky; they should be better with another year of experience. Almost the entire NL West got better (except the Giants), but the acquisition of Dan Haren should put the Diamondbacks over the top.

I may get back to the rest later. Or not.

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