Monday, March 31, 2008

Michigan Spring Practice

The first practices for Michigan Football under new head man Rich Rodriguez.

Just a few quick observations:

-It seems that the contending quarterbacks (#10 Steve Threet, #8 Nick Sheridan, and #12 David "The Coner" Cone) have painfully weak arms. Cone threw two behind his intended receiver as well. This must be addressed immediately.

-Although we've all spoken ill of Brandon Minor and his buttery hands over the past year, he was definitely making the crispest of cuts during the RB's drill towards the end of the first clip. Also, for those of you who did not recognize the dreadlocked #34, that is Avery Horn, redshirt freshman and supposedly excellent fit for Rodriguez's style of offense.

-There weren't many clips of the option out of the shotgun, but Nick Sheridan definitely looked the best operating it. For what that's worth.

-Darryl Stonum should not be getting tackled by a garage door. That's bad.

-Brandon Graham has the quickest feet amongst DE's and backers. But that's not news.

-The Mighty Zoltan was given a criminally short time on camera.

-Greg Mathews is our #1 receiver this fall. Nobody else is close. His cuts are like beautiful music.

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