Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Alice Cooper

The former Vincent Furnier is, without question, one of the most prolific and influential rockers of all-time.

Working since the 1970s, Cooper has to be considered the original shock-rocker, laying the path for and stylizing so much of heavy metal. Know of a band that uses over-the-top antics and/or pyrotechnics in their shows? Alice Cooper did it first.

But what has set Alice Cooper apart has been his life outside of music. A great musician, no doubt (just try to listen to "Poison" or "Feed My Frankenstein" and not bob your head or pump your fist), Cooper is known for his congenial personality. He's a man who has defeated acute alcoholism and is a born-again Christian. In addition he has a 5 handicap in golf.

Keep on rockin', Alice.

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