Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's not often that the Orioles get the last laugh or look even better some time after a move, so I'm taking a lot of joy in the revelation that Miguel Tejada is actually 2 years older than previously believed.

Even though Astros GM Ed Wade plays off this fact as though it's nothing, this is a huge deal (also, Ed Wade is a moron and should not be trusted). This means that Tejada's dip in his numbers was not simply the soul-draining effect of playing for Baltimore (though that probably contributed), but rather because he's starting to decline. Throw in steroid issues and the Astros are looking at most one solid year out of Tejada before he becomes a wildly overpaid (instead of just mildly) ex-star who will retard the progress of any prospects in the Astros system as he eats up playing time.

Great job 'Stros!