Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our 100th Daily SAll-Star

And a great one at that.

When you think of rock hard abs, an easy smile, and the greatest celebrity rumor of all time; there is only one man to think of: John Basedow.
Basedow is the inventor of the Fitness Made Simple system that has sold millions. Not many can claim to be a true fitness celebrity, but "The Father of the Modern Infomercial" John Basedow can. But perhaps the best part about John Basedow is the rumors of his death after the terrible tsunami that demolished much of southern India and Sri Lanka a few years back. Somebody started saying that Basedow had been killed in the tsunami and the rumor was thought to be true for a number of weeks, even months. Luckily, Basedow came out and put the rumors of this untimely death to rest; for which we can all be thankful.
Yes, John Basedow is beloved by all. He is a man we can all aspire to be like.


Thomas said...

You have to wonder about a guy like John Basedow. If you're just a guy who wears zip-up, cut-off shirts and likes to work out, at what point in your life do you say to yourself, "you know, I'm so fucking ripped I should make a video about how to get fucking ripped." In a world of 8 minute abs and 20 minutes a day 3 times a week, what's truly amazing is that anyone has actually bought one of his videos. Basedow makes you work out for 45 mins twice a day. No thanks John, I'm gonna go masutrbate to hannah montana and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

What's up with that missing in Asia story? I hadn't seen many Fitness Made Simple commercials for awhile but now they have a new one featuring "John Basedow". But the guy in it looks different and younger than the one I saw years ago. I heard that it's an actor playing John Basedow to keep the brand name going. He's like a mythical figure. All of these unusual stories and internet rumors exist around John Basedow.