Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the winner is...


It's hard to find a winner in the announcement that Jimmy Fallon will take Conan's old spot when the Cone Zone moves into Jay Leno's spot.

Look, Jimmy Fallon is clearly a funnier guy than most people out there, just not funnier than most comedians out there.

It's possible that this is right in Fallon's comfort zone, as the best part about him on SNL was his weekend update segments where he could deliver simple set 'em up and knock 'em down jokes. But I wouldn't bet too heavily on it. He'll undoubtedly need a good set of writers. Still, Fallon is clearly a personable guy who shouldn't have too much trouble with the interview segments, unfortunately nobody really watches that time slot for the interviews. That's like reading Playboy for the articles.

The only possible good I could see of this is that if people sour on Fallon, more viewers will go to the second half of Jimmy Kimmel's show, or watch the extremely underrated Craig Ferguson.

Of course, the ultimate good is that this is a reminder that the least funny man in late night television (and I'm including Ted Koppel in this) is being forced out. Jay Leno sucks ass. He's not funny and he's a douchebag to his guests. Fuck you, Jay Leno.

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