Sunday, May 4, 2008

Daily Geriatric

There was sad news in sports this past weekend...

No, not the on-track euthanasia of Eight Belles (that was sad, yes, but unfortunately that's how it works in the horse world). The saddest piece of news was the retirement of Julio Franco.

Franco retired at age 49, just months before his 50th birthday. He started his professional baseball career in 1980 and debuted in MLB in 1982.

Franco will be remembered not only for being one of the oldest to ever play the game for money, but also as a consummate professional and teammate, the kind of guy that anyone would want on their team.

As the man himself so eloquently put: "I understand that my time has passed and the great men and athletes know when to say enough."

So Julio, we here at Sal Fasano's All-Stars salute you with the highest accords.


Anonymous said...

The greatest baseball player ever

named Julio Franco

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Dan Snyder has signed Franco to be a return man? Just asking.

Minnie Minoso