Monday, May 26, 2008

Daily SAll-Star/In Memoriam

Some sad news today: former big-league pitcher Geremi Gonzalez was killed by lightning Sunday. He was 33.

Gonzalez had a fairly nondescript career, with a 30-35 record to go with a 1.44WHIP and 354 Ks in 572.2 career innings. He was a key pitcher for the 1998 Cubs team that earned a playoff berth. He seemed to be a well-liked guy who went out and did his job to the best of his abilities every time his number was called.

It is a shame when anyone dies before their time for whatever reason, but we, as a culture, seem to be shaken more by athlete's dying young, perhaps because for their entire lives they've been the physical demi-gods that we all aspire to be and when they perish, their perceived invulnerability is for naught. Our thoughts and prayers are with Geremi's family and friends.

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