Monday, May 19, 2008

Daily Sociologist

I only have one final left and then I'm half-way done with college...a scary thought as it means I must pull myself together and get on with having a legitimate life.

I just finished my fourth final in Sociology and from that I draw today's Daily SAll-Star: Emile Durkheim.
Durkheim, despite having a funny name that sounds hilarious when my Jamaican sociology professor would say it, was an accomplished and influential French sociologist and anthropologist. He discussed a bevy of topics including crime, suicide, religion, education, and division of labor. He is seen as the father of functionalism and his works and findings are still used today.

(Sidebar: A hawk just grabbed another bird in mid-air just outside my dorm room window...just thought I'd share.)

Also, Durkheim sported a sweet beard/mustache combo. And that's something that we all can agree on as awesome. So here's to you, Monsieur Durkheim.

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