Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daily Uncle Jesse: Stamos

Stamos is bored beyond human comprehension

Despite all of his awesomeness, John Stamos does not have anything interesting in his life that I can report to you. He landed a role on Full House which he rode to minor stardom during his eight-year tenure on the show, settled into bit roles for the next twelve years, and started shooting NyQuil in his ass. You know. Stuff. But isn't that what makes us love Stamos? I say yes.

Stamos' real last name is actually Stamatopoulos. Whee!

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Anonymous said...

He also stars on ER. I know because I am the Vice President for Internal Affairs for the John Stamos fan club, The Greek Way. I am constantly "surfing the web" for stories about Mr. Stamos. Thank you for this post, altho is is a big vulgar, I am amused by your quirky website and wish Nico and Ben No Pants God's love.