Monday, May 5, 2008

What a Hack

Ozzie Guillen, though it was never in question, is a bum. This time he's ripping on the good people of Chicago who are upset over the White Sox's (Guillen's team) performance, stating that everyone's panicking and will be upset no matter how many World Series rings he wins.

A few things:

1) Ozzie, you inherited a team that was luckily put together and got career years from the entire pitching staff. You didn't win a World Series ring. Your team did. The role of a manager to win games at the major league level is wildly overrated, especially with talented teams (like the 2005 White Sox). The role of a manager in the big leagues is to keep his players motivated and happy. Winning also does that. You have a talented team that begins well and managing is easy. Ozzie, you overestimate your value.

2) The fans are "panicking" because your team sucks. Who amongst the White Sox regulars strikes fear in the hearts of men? Jim Thome? Guy can't do anything but hit fastballs anymore. AJ Pierzynski? If you're worried about being in close proximity to a world class douchebag, then yes he's intimidating. Jermaine Dye? 7 years ago I'd consider pitching around him. Plus your pitching staff is no longer much to write home about. Face it Ozzie, the fans panic because they know terrible when they see it.

3) Under no circumstances, none whatsoever, should a manager be insulting the fans. Players shouldn't either, but it is more understandable as they are constantly under the microscope and in the spotlight and it is their performance that directly influences the outcome of the games. In contrast, the manager doesn't have to be in the spotlight at all, but Guillen is such an ego-maniacal asshole that makes everything about himself. Get over yourself, Ozzie. You suck at your job and you are far more trouble than you've ever been worth.

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