Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daily Wailing Rocker: Bruce Dickinson

Last night, your humble author and his brother went to a concert. But not just any concert, HO NO!!! This was Iron Maiden! Still rocking as hard as ever, Maiden played a great 3 hour set that included all their hits and epically brutal ballads, including Run to the Hills, the Trooper, and Fear of the Dark.

And the front-man for all this mayhem is the great Bruce Dickinson.

Described by Wikipedia as a "British singer, airline pilot (verily: Bruce often pilots Iron Maiden's tour plane), radio show host, DJ, historian, television presenter, fencer, and songwriter" Bruce is true renaissance man known for his trademark wail and on-stage antics (though not quite as ridiculous as Diamond Dave).

Bruce is a legend in the music industry and a god in metal circles.

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