Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's been a while...

...since we posted anything...Nick and I are in full work mode so we've been a tad shoddy with the posting.

Give us a little while and we'll begin to slack off and get back to a regular posting schedule.

Until then, enjoy this and the greatness it entails.

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TaterTim Mr. Oriole said...

Anything new on Sal Fasano? I found this site looking for some new insights on Mr. Fasano. When he was with Baltimore in 1999, he hit 5 home taters in 60 AB's. Projected out over a 600AB season, that is a 50 tater season. I wished the O's had given him a better chance. I read somewhere that he ripped a head off a mascot. That is the kind of fired-up passion that the O's need. Can you direct me to some other sites that actually have Sal Fasano information?