Sunday, July 20, 2008

This just in!!!

The Redskins are awesome.

Quickly! What was the Redskins' biggest hole on their playoff caliber team? If you guessed a dominant pass rusher then you'd be right!

But no more! The Redskins have traded a second and sixth round pick to the Miami Dolphins for none other than former Defensive Player of the Year, former Dancing with the Stars contestant, and current good-looking dude, Jason Taylor.

This makes the Redskins' defense instantly better and gives the team much more flexibility in coverage as they will not be forced to blitz as much. Taylor and incumbent defensive end Andre Carter now give the Skins two players who notched 10+ sacks last year and can be disruptive on any down. If the offense performs reasonably well under new coach Jim Zorn (not too much of a stretch) and the team stays relatively healthy for most of the season (always an issue for any team), the Skins should once again be a playoff team and could make quite a bit of noise in the NFC.

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