Monday, September 15, 2008

Football thoughts

So we're almost done with Week 2 of the NFL and by tonight every team save the Ravens and Texans will have played 2 games. So here are some early thoughts:

Hooters is a great place to go and watch a butt-load of football and eat even more chicken wings. However, their alleged "nuclear" hot sauce is highly disappointing.

With superstar-at-life Tom Brady out for the year, the Patriots will be champions next Brady's absence will force the team to develop more balance and really examine some of it's weaknesses.

Brett Favre is 100% replaceable as the Jets barely have beaten the Dolphins and got beaten by the Pats by a margin greater than the score would indicate. Perhaps even more telling: Aaron Rodgers is playing better than Favre ever did last year.

My beloved Redskins can and will be dangerous provided that Jason Campbell plays like an NFL quarterback (like yesterday) and not a really big and in-shape homeless guy (like week 1).

Teams that could challenge for 2 or fewer wins: The St. Louis Rams, the Detroit Lions, the Miami Dolphins, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Great job with that whole parity thing, NFL. Way to set the bar high.

The Buffalo Bills look pretty too the point that we may have to consider them playoff contenders...I have no idea how that happened, but we can at least determine that JP Losman was a terrible investment.


Were this 1998 instead of 2008, I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that a Kurt Warner-led team is looking like the best in the NFC West...this isn't really a reflection on Warner's talents (though he deserves kudos for sticking around so long) but rather a reflection on how terrible the NFC West is. Though if Seattle ever decides to get some protection and maybe 1.5 decent receivers for Matt Baldensteinshire, they could be alright. I wouldn't count on it.

With my preseason picks (that weren't posted in this venue) a mess thanks to Tom Brady going down, I'll now lay some knowledge upon ye:
NFC BEast: Dallas
NFC North:Green Bay
NFC South: New Orleans
NFC Playgroup: JT O'Sullivan, perhaps even with a sub-.500 record
NFC Wild Cards: Washington, New York
AFC East: New England
AFC Steelers: Pittsburgh
AFC South: Everybody but Vince Young
AFC West: Denver
AFC Wild Cards: Buffalo, Indianapolis

Superbowl: Pittsburgh over Dallas, with the Steel City saving me from having to pay one Mango $1000.

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