Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Is Not Enough

So, Matt Millen is finally gone after seven seasons of defecating on the Detroit Lions. However, we don't even know if he resigned or got fired. He simply no longer works there.

I am so furious I don't even know how to put it into words. This man cannot be allowed to slink out of the stockades like this. I want to see Barry Sanders kick him in the testicles once for every Lions loss under his tenure as president. I want to see Night Train Lane clothesline him once for every horrible draft pick in the past seven years. I want Herman Moore to stomp on his feet once for every undeserved second chance he got from the comatose Ford family. Matt Millen is a repugnant sack of shit who is unfathomably bad at his job and is probably a misogynistic racist, too.

Rot in hell, Matt.

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Roy Williams the lesser said...

Dear Ms. Suave:

You are way off base. Matt Millen is one of the greatest judges of talent ever. We believe in him and think he got railroaded. The Lions were about to turn the corner.
Sincerely, Joey Harrington, Mike Williams, and Charles Rodgers