Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Return of Michael Vick?

What Mike Vick did what with the dog-fighting was not cool. In addition, his issues with drug possession (really, Mike? you were the highest paid player in the NFL, you couldn't buy some pot when you got home?) and his complete inability to learn the West Coast offense are negatives. And who can forget Ron Mexico?

Now all that being said, Vick is a freak of an athlete.

And, in part because of Bill Simmons' most recent article and in part because I think about these things instead of doing stuff like school, I was thinking about Vick and his career after prison.

Allegedly Vick has been staying in shape (not really a surprise, what else is there to do in prison?). Now he's definitely not in football shape, but a great athlete like Vick can get there relatively soon methinks. Now Vick clearly doesn't have a future with the Falcons, and he wasn't exactly a great passer before his incarceration, and prison football isn't exactly the best place for honing your skills. But Vick does have a future. Why?

The Miami Dolphins.

This season, the Miami Dolphins have completely rejuvenated their franchise. The arrival of Bill Parcells and his main man Tony Sparano has changed the entire attitude of the franchise. In addition, returns to health from Joey Porter, Chad Pennington, and Ronnie Brown have been key and top draft pick Jake Long has been nothing short of stellar. But perhaps the most interesting part of their season-long improvement has been the introduction of the Wildcat offense. The Wildcat is the closest thing the NFL has to the option attack (which could never work in the NFL because all defenders are far too athletic). With a runningback taking snaps, any rushing play becomes an 11 on 11 play (as opposed to the standard 10 on 11 rushing plays where a QB is usually eliminated). In addition, it can creat a number of trick plays with double passes 'n such.

Michael Vick is the perfect QB to run the Wildcat. He's the fast man to ever play QB. He has a cannon, though it's not always accurate. It's like this offense was created solely for the purpose of a hybrid runner/thrower like Vick. Imagine the possibilities. All a team needs to do is invest in quick and athletic linemen, a decent pounding back for icing games, a speed back, and sign Vick to some real cheap contract and draft a late-round running QB (like Pat White or Juice Williams) and have them split snaps and you've got the most innovative offense since Sammy Baugh started making it cool to throw the ball.

And really, what does a team like the 49ers or Rams or Lions have to lose?


Cacafuego said...

Dude, you do realize that if Vick ever steps on a playing field again he'll have his legs snapped off at the knees within 3 games. He probably won't even make thorugh training camp without a serious "accident". Every linebacker who owns a dog will be gunning for him.

Bearfight Jones said...


I think you grossly over-estimate the level of caring that most NFL players have.

Also, I'll point you to these statements by Joey Porter, a linebacker who owns dogs:

So, poopfire, dont be stupid. Nobody cares what you did off the field, all that matters is what's on it and does it affect my paycheck. If Vick doesnt make it back, it'll be because he's gotten so rusty (called mike williams syndrome) that he cant function. No linebacker will be gunning for him on account of his poor decisions concerning animals.

Your argument is flawed.