Thursday, February 26, 2009

Actual sports commentary coming soon...

But for now, enjoy this tid-bit garnered from the American League Mount Rushmores article on

Billy Beane is a genius and my hero. Don't believe me? Since 2000, only two franchises have had more wins than the Oakland Athletics. Those teams? The New York Yankees and the Boston Redsox. Let's breakdown the money spent on payroll during that time for these three winning franchises. Yankees- $1.47 billion. Red Sox- $1.05 billion. A's- $460.6 MILLION. The Yankees spent almost that much this offseason alone on 3 players. Billy Beane makes it happen.

Btw, don't be surprised if the A's challenge for the AL West this year...I'll go in depth into this in the coming weeks during my uber-preview for the up-coming baseball season.

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