Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Baseballin' Trades

You know what's exciting? Pre-deadline deals!

Perhaps in response to the Sabathia trade of earlier this week, the Chicago Cubs acquired pitchers Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the Oakland A's for 4 players.

It comes as no surprise that Harden was traded. Other than perhaps closer Huston Street, Harden was easily the biggest trading chip for the perennially cash-strapped A's. Gaudin was also expected to be a piece of a trade thanks to his experience and versatility. Harden has a long history of injuries, but when he's healthy he's one of the most talented and effective hurlers in the big leagues. So, it follows that the success of this trade will be dependent on the health of Harden. He has stayed uninjured most of this year, so the prognosis looks good. If Harden does stay healthy and Gaudin performs to expected levels, you will be hard-pressed to find a more complete team in the NL than the Cubs this year.

On the other side of the equation, Billy Beane is a genius and likely made like a bandit yet again. The A's had no real intention of keeping Harden past this year's deadline, as he soon was due for a hefty pay-raise. So they flipped him for right-hander Sean Gallagher, outfielders Matt Murton and Eric Patterson, and catcher Josh Donaldson. Gallagher was the centerpiece of the deal. A big right-hander, Gallagher has good stuff and projects to be at least a middle of the rotation guy for many years. Murton and Patterson are a mixed bag. Murton had been considered a top prospects for years, but never really put it together (I blame the manager tandem of Dusty Baker and Lou Pinella for never playing him correctly...Pinella doesn't like youngsters and Baker is an idiot). Patterson, brother of chronic tease Corey Patterson, is a 5-tool guy who also has never put it together. Still, both could turn it around and at worst provide good depth and trading chips for the future. Donaldson is a good catching prospect who was blocked by the better catching prospect Giovani Soto in the Cubs system but should be put to good use in the A's system.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Your Melodic Entertainment

- Bolero.mp3 - Maurice Ravel

Daily Fail-at-lifer

Mike Vick=FAIL!

I won't go too deeply into Mr. Vick's past transgressions, but they include: marijuana possession (the possession of the drug itself isn't what's so bad, rather that he was stupid enough to try an take it on a plane), being Marcus Vick's brother, dog-fighting scandal, and the inability to learn the West Coast offense.
Now Mr. Vick is failing at finance. Vick has filed for bankruptcy protection, saying that he owes between $10 and $50 million. Ouch.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily Hall of Famer/Life-saver

For his entire career, Tony Gonzalez has been one of the most productive and prolific tight ends in NFL history. Truly, he is a gifted athlete who has worked harder than almost anyone else at perfecting his craft. In addition, Tony has proven time and again to be a genuinely good guy. He is constantly involved in various charity activities (most notably the United Way) and is beloved by his teammates and most of Kansas City.

Well just the other day, Gonzalez added to his good-guy legacy by saving a man from choking to death. Perhaps most refreshing, is that Gonzalez had no desire to make the story about himself. Woot. Nice job, Tony.

Adventures in fat exchange

Big trade in MLB: the Cleveland Indians have agreed to send last year's Cy Young winner CC Sabathia to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for prospects, pending physicals.

Sabathia immediately becomes one of the finest pitchers in the National League as well as one of the fattest. Sabathia has three plus or better pitches (a rising mid-90s fastball, a good curve, and a change-up) with great command (in his last 104 innings, he's struck out 109 and only walked 20). he's an ace on pretty much any staff and should help the Brew Crew tremendously in their push to their first playoff appearance since 1982.

In exchange, the Indians will receive an assortment of prospects. The focal point of the deal is clearly Matt LaPorta. LaPorta can mash. Currently hitting .288 with 20 HRs and 66 RBI in 84 games, LaPorta is a college hitter who projects as middle of the order presence who can play a little bit o' defense. Very much a "three true outcomes" guy, LaPorta hits a lot of homeruns, walks a lot, and strikes out a lot. Other prospects and include pitchers Rob Bryson, Zach Jackson, and the ubiquitous "player to be named later". Bryson has a live arm and projects well as a reliever though his athleticism and durability will entice the Tribe to try him as a starter. Jackson is nothing special. He's a lefty without an out pitch. If he can develop one he could become a useful player, but otherwise he's like just a AAAA guy. Player to be named later, despite being involved in hundreds of trades has never actually played an inning of big-league ball and continues to frustrate.

The real advantage of this whole trade though is that we now get to have the 290lbs Sabathia on the same team as the 270lbs Prince Fielder. The team may need to start taking a bus on road trips because flight will be nigh impossible.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

And a pleasant Sunday morn to you as well...

Regardless of your opinion of televangelist Benny Hinn (mine? not too positive), there is no denying that this video is pretty humorous.