Friday, April 25, 2008

awesome? yes

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I want to be friends with this guy

Whether you smoke weed or not, how could you not want to befriend this man and his epic laugh?

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Daily SAll-Star

While Nick and I usually alternate our SAll-Stars, Nick is traveling today and I'm going to preempt him.

Today's SAll-Star is Manny Burriss.

Many of you may not have heard of Manny before, but I have a feeling you will. Manny played his high school baseball at Wilson High School in Washington, DC (your authors' hometown). He went on to play college ball at Kent State. After an incredibly successful college career, Burriss was selected 33rd overall in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft by the San Francisco Giants. Well after many years of hard work, Manny has finally made the bigs.

I have worked at Home Run Baseball Camp with Manny before and let me say that there is no more deserving guy out there.

Congrats, Manny. Good luck!

EDIT: Check out this clip of Manny making a play in the Arizona Fall League last year. All you need to know is what the color commentator says.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily SAll-Star: Alice Cooper

The former Vincent Furnier is, without question, one of the most prolific and influential rockers of all-time.

Working since the 1970s, Cooper has to be considered the original shock-rocker, laying the path for and stylizing so much of heavy metal. Know of a band that uses over-the-top antics and/or pyrotechnics in their shows? Alice Cooper did it first.

But what has set Alice Cooper apart has been his life outside of music. A great musician, no doubt (just try to listen to "Poison" or "Feed My Frankenstein" and not bob your head or pump your fist), Cooper is known for his congenial personality. He's a man who has defeated acute alcoholism and is a born-again Christian. In addition he has a 5 handicap in golf.

Keep on rockin', Alice.

Further Proof that Cincinnati sucks

Really Cincy? Why would you do this?

It is unlikely that Cincinnati would get a much better offer than what the Skins are willing to part with. When one of your highest profile players and easily the greatest receiver in franchise history is royally pissed, you should work to either placate him or get him out of there, because he will only cause trouble for the rest of your franchise. And given the Bengals recent history with troubled souls in their franchise, they don't need any more problems. It's this attitude that has led the Bengals to assemble an army of felons that ultimately ends up hurting what could be a playoff team. Stupid move.

Admission of bias: as a Redskins fan, I cannot express how much I'd like for this trade to actually happen. The one major missing piece in the Skins' offense is a big, fast, playmaking receiver who could draw double-teams and open up Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El for big plays. (Yes I believe that Jason Campbell is a solid starting QB. Depth on the offensive line is also an issue.) Chad Johnson is all that and more (the more being the awesome personality of Ocho Cinco).

oh college...

Study: Nearly 80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night


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Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily Thespian: Ted Levine

Ted Levine is an interesting actor whose career can't really be labeled like most. He's never been a leading man, but he's never been totally secondary. And he's never been "that guy" like James Cromwell or Peter Stormare or William Fitchner (whom I will always remember best as the blind guy from Contact).

Levine has been in some of Hollywood's most celebrated films, including one of the best heist films (Heat), one of the best modern-era westerns (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), and one of the best modified-Honda romantic comedies (The Fast and the Furious). He's also been in unbelievable stinkers, like Flubber and Wild Wild West. He also had a small role in American Gangster, the awesomeness of which has yet to be determined by the passage of time. Some say it will become an epic in the vein of Scarface; others say it has run its course of popularity.

But certainly Levine's most famous and most memorable performance was that of Buffalo Bill, the serial killer of 1991's Oscar-dominating The Silence of the Lambs. Silence was the first and as yet only horror film to ever win Best Picture, and Levine can take a lot of credit for its success and believability.

And of course this freaky scene.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kneel Before Zod

Daily SAll-Star

When you've had a pretty bad evening, you look for anything to lift your spirits.

Luckily for humanity, there is one man who can do such a thing: his name is Dr. Rockso. He's a rock 'n roll clown. He does cocaine.
This crazy character is a frequent cameo appearance in the television show Metalocalpyse, which of course chronicles the adventures of the band Dethklok, the world's greatest cultural force, the 12th largest economy on the planet, and the most brutal metal band of all-time. Dr. Rockso is a washed up former rocker who befriends rhythm guitarist (the 2nd fastest in the world) Toki Wartooth. Unfortunately the rest of the band hates him. Alas. Nonetheless, the shenanigans of Dr. Rockso can only be described as epic.