Friday, October 17, 2008

Shame on you, MLB

For your alleged collusion against Barry Bonds.

It is a shame that during such an exciting and wondrous time as the MLB postseason (the 2nd best around after NHL) that a potential black mark like this will come up. If this is in fact the case and MLB owners and management acted in concert to exclude Mr. Bonds, the all-time homerun king and arguably the best player to ever step on a field (look at the stats), from playing this past season, then I am at a loss for words over how ridiculous the owners are.

Granted, Barry Bonds is a circus. Steroid allegations and the (unfair) coverage would be a "distraction" (read: bring publicity and ticket sales...always a bad thing...right?). But the fact of the matter is that Barry Bonds is a great hitter. Steroids or not, the man had a career OPS of 1.051! He had the most patient and selective batting eye in baseball history. And the man could mash, even as a skinny kid from AZ State. You mean to tell me the Yankees couldn't have used him as a DH? How about the Twins? How about, I dunno, ANY TEAM IN BASEBALL!? What is really ridiculous is how teams continue to employ admitted steroid users (the Giambino, half the 2003 Baltimore Orioles, etc.) and yet they won't pay a man who's simply better with the stick something well below market price?

People will continue to look at the Barry Bonds saga as a taint on baseball history. They're right, but they're missing the point.


Need proof that the American system is broken?

A Barak Obama infomercial will delay the potential start of Game 6 of the World Series.

I don't care what your political affiliations are. You can support Obama. You can support McCain. You can be completely indifferent. It doesn't really matter to me; everyone is entitled to their opinion (no matter how misinformed that opinion may or may not be) and that's the beauty of America. But I and every other right-thinking American must take umbrage with this rather inconsequential presidential race taking precedence over something as important as the World Series. Now it's possible that the Series won't reach a Game 6, but if it does and I have to wait an extra 15 minutes for the start of Phils-Rays/BoSox...well let's just say that somebody is gonna pay.

All I can say is let's just get through this and elect some guy who'll just continue big-party politics of the past 100 years or so and be wildly disappointing either way. Vote Coston-Johannes in '28!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Matt Stairs is the man.

Not much else to say...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Have Some Hood Rich For Lunch Today