Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally, some sanity.

Here's an article from JA Adande, one of my favorite basketball writers, criticizing the absurd speak concerning LeBron James moving to NY after his current contract is up. (Stephen A. Smith, I blame you...excuse me...STEPHEN A. SMITH, I BLAME YOU!!!).

Here's the piece.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Clearly This Will Fix Everything

The Wizards fired Eddie Jordan today, eliminating any veneer of competitive drive within the organization and effectively announcing to the world that they are in Full-Blown Tank Mode.

Jordan was the third-longest tenured coach in the NBA, which has only moderate face value considering the Miami Heat fired Stan Van Gundy so they could hire Erik Spoelstra (woo!), but still, when only Jerry Sloan (most wins in NBA history) and Gregg PedoVich (four-time NBA champion and all-time leader in NAMBLA Intramural League three-pointers) have held their jobs longer than you, regardless of the idiocy of coaching changes in the league, you've probably done a pretty good job.

Not only did Eddie Jordan lead the Wizards to four consecutive playoff appearances with The Insufferable Gilbert Arenas as his starting point guard, Eddie was a proud local boy. His replacement is Ed Homeless Tapscott, a totally awesome dude whom Comcast SportsNet and Knicks fans know very well, and who is infathomably unqualified to coach a professional basketball team. I can only hope and pray that Caron Butler can't find any high-quality straws in another city.

It's a sad day for true Wizards fans, who can wistfully recall the days of Doug Collins and Bernie Bickerstaff and Wes Delicious Sandwich Unseld, that we have to lose our first competent coach I defy anyone to name a suitable replacement who is not already under contract. And if they go after Billy Donovan in the offseason I will probably vomit. I catch Bullets Fever every year.