Saturday, May 16, 2009

25 things

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Now enjoy these 25 things that may or may not have anything to do with me but are items I felt like I should write down. Remember, these are all facts.

1. The last two songs that came up on my iTunes shuffle are Wait and Bleed by Slipknot and Lucky by Britney joke

2. Osman and Joe's Steak and Egg Kitchen is the greatest eatery ever.

3. Say what you will about Mike Tyson, but boxing has had exactly zero entertaining heavyweights since he retired

4. Caron "Tough Juice" Butler has the best nickname in sports. Dmitri "Da Meat Hook" Young has the second best. David Eckstein is terrible.


6. Bacon makes everything better.

7. Coaching little league baseball sounds cute and rewarding. It is. Until the kids show up.

8. The thing Nick and I disagree on most is music. We simply have very differing tastes. However, we both agree that Muse is one of the most awesome bands ever.

9. The John Basedow tsunami rumor ranks as the greatest hoax of all time, just ahead of KISS drummer Peter Criss being a homeless alcoholic.

10. If I was capable, I would immediately grow a Wannstache

11. Please take a listen to Night Moves by Bob Seger. You're welcome.

12. One of my many life goals is to get into a fist fight with Lex Luger. He knows what he did.

13. 13 is my favorite number, but probably the most boring entry of this list.


15. Michael Jackson's body of musical work almost makes it ok to touch kids. Almost.

16. Chris Dane Owens.

17. The 5 best ESPN personalities, in no particular order, are: Barry Melrose, Scott Van Pelt, John Buccigross, Jon Miller, Barry Melrose's mullet


19. My diet over the past semester has consisted almost entirely of Hot Pockets, frozen chicken, cereal, and Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. I think I'm going to die soon.

20. The 1997 Orioles might have been the best team to not win the World Series. Some key players: Chris Hoiles, Rafael Palmeiro, Roberto Alomar, Mike Bordick, Cal Ripken Jr, Eric Davis, Brady Anderson, BJ Surhoff, Harold Baines, Jeffery Hammonds, Pete Incaviglia, Jeff Reboulet, Lenny Webster, Mike Mussina, Jimmy Key, Scott Erickson, Scott Kamenicki, Randy Myers, Arthur Rhodes, Armando Benitez, Jesse Orosco, Alan Mills, Rocky Coppinger. And yes, I got those all off the top of my head.


22. It is clearly very difficult for me to care about this class.

23. Danny Trejo might be the most awesome person alive.


25. Here's a fun fact for you: Thomas Ian Griffith, who played Terry Silver in Karate Kid Part III, is a few months younger than Ralph Macchio, who played Daniel LaRusso.

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